Whole Grain Summit 2017 – Vienna, 13-15 November 2017

The 6th International Whole Grain Summit (WGS 2017), organized by Healthgrain Forum and the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology in cooperation with the University of Minnesota, is the only international conference on whole grains, and will use this global reach to establish networks and define action plans that will stimulate increased consumption of whole grains and other healthy cereal ingredients. The Summit will include discussions and updates on the latest in science/technology, nutrition and health, business, marketing and regulatory perspectives leading to a concrete action plan for increasing whole grain consumption.

Through the efforts of many people and organisations, including through past Whole Grain Summits, awareness of whole grains is high, but actual consumption of wholegrain products remains well below recommended levels. Action is required! WGS 2017 will bring people from across different disciplines and countries together to develop solutions and partnerships for increasing whole grain consumption and improving health through action on the supply network through to the consumer.
WGS 2017 will be a summit that makes a difference! Not only will WGS 2017 bring together world-renowned experts to present the latest insights into whole grains, there will be carefully prepared cross-disciplinary discussions on how to use these insights to help increase consumption of whole grains, and networks established that will be followed up after WGS 2017 to ensure that the discussions have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Come and be a part of WGS2017 and play an important role in setting the agenda for whole grains in the future!

Michaela Pichler

Kati Katina
HealthGrain Forum and University of Helsinki

Len Marquart
University of Minnesota

About the organisers

International Association for Cereal Science and Technology

 ICC is an independent, internationally recognized organisation of experts specialising in the milling of wheat and other cereals, bread making, and the production of other cereal-based foods from around the world. In more recent times ICC has expanded its focus to address issues that contribute to improved food quality, food safety and food security for the health and well-being of all people. ICC is an apolitical forum for all cereal scientists and technologists, a publisher of international standard methods and a scientific journal, an organiser of major national and international events in the field, a promoter of international cooperation on a global, regional and national level as well as a significant player in the coordination and participation in international research projects.


Healthgrain Forum

 The Forum, based in Europe and with links worldwide, is an active network of universities, institutes and industries interested in grain and grain based products. Its vision is that whole grain and high fibre grain-based foods assist consumers in health maintenance worldwide, help reduce health care costs and provide added value for companies in the production chain from farm to fork. The forum is formulating priorities for research communications activities, with the overall aim of increasing consumers' intake of protective components in whole grains.


University of Minnesota

The Department of Food Science and Nutrition creates and shares knowledge to ensure a safe, healthy, and appealing food supply that supports the well-being and prosperity of people and the environment. Innovating together to improve health through food is one of its main goals.

Values statement: 1. Our discovery, outreach, and teaching are ethical, rigorous, and relevant. 2. We are collaborative and compassionate. 3. Integrity, innovation, and a commitment to diversity guide our work. 4. Excellence and service to society shape our approach and focus