Jan Willem van der Kamp

About him: Dr. Jan Willem van der Kamp, Senior Officer, International Projects at TNO, the Netherlands, has over 35 years’ experience in cereal and food research, biotechnology, research management and communication. He managed and participated in a wide range of national and EU projects, and led the technology transfer and communication activities in HEALTHGRAIN (2005-2010). As coordinator of the HealthBread project (2012-2014) he was elected by the Bakery & Snacks Journal as the world-wide Bakery Personality of the Year 2014, due to the success of this project: the launch by bakeries in Germany, Austria and Italy of attractive clean-label bread products tasting like white bread and with nutrition and health benefits superior to wholemeal bread, due to increased bioavailability of minerals and anti-oxidants. In addition to his position at TNO he is a board member of the Healthgrain Forum and chair of the Academy of ICC, the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology.

Summary of Day 2 - 14 November, Session: "Communication and Regulatory Issues"

Wholegrain campaigns in the recent past have shown that key factors for increasing wholegrain consumption include effective communication, supported by clear regulations and dietary guidelines, and well-aligned policies and actions of all stakeholders. Input from a wide range of stakeholders will contribute to inspirational discussion sessions, shared insights, agreements for  strategies to be followed and for single- and multi-stakeholder actions