Peter Shewry

About him: Peter Shewry is currently a Professor of Plants and Health at the University of Reading. He leads a research programme on the development, structures and composition of wheat grain focusing on improving the quality of wheat for human health, notably the content and composition of dietary fibre and phenolic acids, and for milling and bread making including the deposition, composition and properties of grain proteins and lipids. Over a 40 year career he has collaborated with many international scientists, most recently on the EU FP7 HEALTHGRAIN project. He is the author of over 450 refereed papers in international journals, has edited or co-edited numerous books and has written many major reviews and book chapters.  In 2000 he was awarded the Thomas Burr Osborne medal by the AACC and in 2002 was the joint recipient  of the Rank Prize for Nutrition. He was elected Fellow of the ICC Academy in 2009 and was awarded their Clyde H Bailey medal in 2015.

About his talk - 13 November, Session 1: "Breeding for better technical and nutritional properties"

Although current strategies for improving the contents of health-promoting components in wholegrain and white flour of wheat depend on identify and exploiting stable variation in wheat and related species, further understanding of their pathways and regulation of synthesis should lead to the exploitation of mutagenesis and genome editing. These approaches require a combination of skills, including genetic and molecular analysis of the traits of interest, the development of high throughput analytical systems for identifying variation, and the establishment of molecular markers to enable efficient selection in breeding programmes.