Chris Seal

About him: Chris Seal is Professor of Food & Human Nutrition at Newcastle University, where he leads the Food Quality and Health research group and is Co-Director of the University’s Human Nutrition Research Centre. His research interests are wide ranging, and include how to encourage, and evaluate the effects of changing diet.  A particular focus is promoting the adoption of healthy diets based on increased consumption of whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Chris has coordinated a number of intervention studies with volunteers to test the health benefits of eating these foods, including a number of whole-grain intervention studies, funded by the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Health, UK and industry; he also has an interest in understanding consumers’ perceptions of whole grain and whole-grain foods and how best to promote higher whole grain intake.  Chris is an active member of the European Healthgrain Forum, and has been involved in developing standard definitions of ‘whole grain’ and ‘whole-grain foods’ for that group.  Chris sits on many national and international research advisory committees. In addition to his research Chris is heavily involved with teaching nutrition in Newcastle and Singapore and has acted as external examiner for several undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition courses across the UK and internationally.

About his talk - 13 November, Session 3: "Evidence - based recommendations for daily wholegrain intake"

Whole grain intake, with few exceptions, is universally low despite recognition from health agencies that whole grains should be part of a healthy diet.  This may be because there is poor guidance and a lack of robust dietary recommendations in most countries.  This talk will discuss the need for a global approach to developing whole grain dietary recommendations.