Franco Sassi

About him: Franco Sassi is Professor of International Health Policy and Economics and Director of the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation at Imperial College London, and the former Head of the OECD’s Public Health Programme. His work has been aimed at assessing the impacts of public policies to tackle major chronic diseases and their predisposing risk factors, including poor nutrition, physical inactivity, alcohol and tobacco use, environmental and social risks. He is the author of a large number of publications on economic aspects of public health, including the books “Obesity and the economics of prevention: Fit not fat”, in 2010.

About his talk 13 November, Session 1: Keynote speech - "Can we make an economic case for promoting whole grain consumption?"

Substituting whole grain for refined grain in dietary intakes is an established principle of healthy nutrition, but so far this has not been a major focus of public health policies. The presentation will explore some of the building blocks of an economic case for action, as well as gaps and critical uncertainties, and will assess the scope for a broader stakeholder involvement in promoting whole grain consumption.