Alexandra Meynier

About her: Alexandra started her career 13 years ago in Danone following a PhD in Physiology and Nutrition and a Marie Curie funded Post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Maastricht. During her studies and professional experiences she acquired competencies on carbohydrate metabolism, especially the impact of the quality of carbohydrates / starch on glucose metabolism, prevention of metabolic diseases and on gut microbiota. She is in charge of investigating the health benefits of cereals and their physicochemical characteristics (especially fibers and phenolic compounds). She is a partner in several public-private projects (e.g. Well-on-Wheat, Wheafi project, Barofibres and Céréfibres projects). She participates in several expert groups at ILSI Europe through the Prebiotic and the Functional Foods Task Forces. Alexandra is currently chair of the ILSI Prebiotic Task Force and chairs the Nutrition Task Force of HGF.

Day 2 - 14 November, Session: "Breeding & Technology"

Evidence-based quantitative wholegrain intake recommendation will be discussed to define its relevance and how this could be built. Current developments in the knowledge of health impact of wholegrain including also impact of technology treatments applied to wholegrain products on these effects will be reviewed  and an update on the controversies around gluten sensitivity will be provided.