Julie Jones

About her: Julie Miller Jones, PHD, LN, CNS, CFS,. Currently, she is licensed nutritionist and an emeritus professor of nutrition at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. She is active in food, nutrition and grains community serving as president of the AACCI, and chairs joint the IFT, AND, IFIC and American Society of Nutrition’s Task Force on Food Solutions. She advises a number of groups including the Canada’s Healthy Grains Institute, and the Grain Foods Foundation. She has many papers and is writing a series of reviews on the health effects of grains and whole grains for CIMMYT (The International Center for the Improvement of Wheat and Maize.) In addition to being named a fellow of ICC and AACCI, she has received many awards.

About her talk - 13 November, Session 1: "Processing for increasing WG safety (issues around WG and safety, future challenges)"

Healthy whole grain foods are recommended for health, but may carry risks.  Outer layers may contain heavy metals, pollutants, anti-nutrients, and mycotoxins, which, depending on the region, may pose health hazards.  This talk will address these constituents, their potential adverse effects and regulatory aspects.  Further, it will look these and their impacts in the context of various diets.