Jan de Vries

About him: Jan de Vries has more than 16 years experience in the Research & Development of the food industry, respectively in the Dairy Industry and the Bakery Ingredient Supplies Industry. Before starting to work for the food industry he contributed to several advices from the Dutch Food and Nutrition Council in the Netherlands. With his background in Biology, Human Nutrition and Pharmacology he is able to understand a wide variety of scientific approaches needed in the field of cereal sciences and health. His publications cover the broad area of human nutrition to pharmacology. During his industrial career he participated actively in many Task Forces of ILSI-Europe and actively represented his employers in the Top Institute Food and Nutrition in the Netherlands and the Healthgrain Project. From September 2010 he started a consultancy to support food industry, government and other organizations in scientific background of nutritional issues.

Summary of Day 2 - 14 November, Session: "Presentation on the WS format"

During the second day of the WGS it is meant to connect and share visions, knowlegde and ideas with other participants in active discussion rounds. These will be organized according to a World Café setting. Small group rounds will elaborate on propositions on particular concerns prepared by the all three subcommittees. Outcomes will be presented plenary and translated into future actions.