Fred Brouns

About him: Prof Dr. Fred Brouns has over 25 years experience in the field of life sciences and health nutrition, headed international R&D functions in the area of Nutrition and Health/Nourishing the World. He chaired various food and nutrition expert panels at ILSI Europe, Brussels and at IDACE, Paris. Fred became invited member of the British Nutrition Society and is a registered Biomedical Researcher as well as board member of the Dutch Academy of Nutritional Sciences. He obtained fellowships of the American College of Sports Medicine and the European College of Sports Sciences, published extensively and is a frequent global educator and speaker in the field of Life Sciences and Nutrition. His current main interest is on vitality and physical function in health and disease, related to aspects of plant bio-actives, sugars, carbohydrates and dietary fibers as well as whole grain, cereals and gluten. Recently he was awarded the “Year 2015 Fellow of the ICC-“ International Association of Cereal Science and Technology. He published > 300 science papers and presented > 200 key-note lectures world wide.

About his talk - 13 November, Session 3: "Cereal intolerances (or rejection) - current knowledge and future outlook"

Cereals are the most important crop in the world for both animal feed and human nutrition. In this respect breeding, seeding and harvest are all primarily volume and economics oriented. Within this orientation there has been selection for the crops that, depending on the use targets deliver either most energy or protein, using modern agro technologies, fertilizers and crop protection methods. Cereals deliver nutrients and bioactive compounds that are known to be supportive for growth, development and health. However, with the consumption of cereals we also ingest anti-nutrients and components that may cause intolerance symptoms as well environmentally undesired compounds. This presentation will review “the state of art”.