Elizabeth Arndt

About her: Elizabeth Arndt is the Director of Research & Development at Panhandle Milling. She has more than 20 years food industry experience focused on grain-based product and ingredient development, particularly on whole grains, nutrition, value-added ingredients, and cleaner-label formulas. She has a Ph.D. in Grain Science from Kansas State University and a Masters in Food Science and Technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

About her talk - 13 November, Session 1: "Milling, particle size and sensory perception"

The appearance, texture and flavor of foods made with whole grains are influenced by the type of grain, the color, and the particle size. Product developers can take advantage of the array of whole grain ingredients that are available today, as well as collaborate with millers to develop ingredients with specific particle size profiles and other attributes. Selection of the right whole grain ingredients for the food is important for helping increase whole grain consumption.